My first memory from my childhood is of feeling in colors. Now, that might not make a ton of sense to you, and honestly it evades me some to this day. I remember intense frustration at my lack of vocabulary adequate to describe the emotions I was experiencing, and to bridge this gap, I would share what color I was feeling. Yellow was excited energy and bursting with joy, baby blues were reserved for drearier days.

Today, I like to think while my vocabulary has expanded (I am an avid writer and daily Wordle competitor), but the way that I express myself and help my clients to express themselves, has not so drastically changed.

Who I am

About ME

Art rises to fill the spaces where language fails.

Human connection
Emotional APPEAL

Our Approach

I have had so many incredible opportunities to collaborate with incredible people, brands, and companies. My first design job was with Swahili Coast, a social enterprise that partners with worker-owned cooperatives in East Africa to help empower women. I am forever grateful to the founders of this incredible company, as they allowed me to grow and explore my passions in a place of purpose. I then took my packed-to-bursting Subaru across the country to Salt Lake City, where I designed for Backcountry through their bustling holiday season. I started my own little studio, Salt & Sunrise, and went on to work as a Senior Graphic Designer with EBY by Sofia Vergara - an underwear company that helps women worldwide start businesses through microfinance loans, and to design lucrative email campaigns for the award-winning Los Angeles-based agency, Structured.

The Path Ahead

I didn't exactly have a straight and narrow linear career path. My early days were overwhelmingly dedicated to my love for helping others. I wanted to make a difference in the world and leaned in hard. I studied Peace & Justice Studies at Tufts University, volunteered as often as I could find the time, and took my first jobs in the nonprofit realm.

It was here that I discovered something powerful: to shape the world for the better, you can start with your eyes on the mountaintop, but eventually you've got to choose your trail to get there -
I quickly discovered that design is my path, and I haven't looked back since.

My Yellow Brick Road

"keep some room
in your heart
for the unimaginable"

this is how
we do it.